By Jeff Lerner

It is so vast the difference between what we accomplish when we are puttering along on “average” brain fuel versus what we accomplish when we properly nourish our minds. Our minds are impacted by what we “feed” them just as much as our bodies are. We’ve all heard “you are what you eat”; I prefer “you are what you consume.” Then we can apply it equally to our psychology and our physiology.

We can identify a fit, health-conscious person who eats a clean, controlled diet from a hundred yards away, but sizing up peoples’ mental fitness isn’t so easy. Imagine if our bodies were shaped according to the health of our minds. How would that change the world? Imagine if we could chart our mental fitness regimen like we do a physical fitness regimen (last week I did three cognitive restructuring exercises in twenty minutes; this week I’m going to do the same, then see if I can tack on ten minutes of meditation…).

Now, as I’m writing this in jest, what I’m realizing is… it’s totally doable. There’s zero reason we can’t be specific and deliberate about 1) what we put in our mind; and 2) how we exercise our mind (note those are not the same thing anymore than your diet and your workout are the same thing).

Who’s ever tried to lose weight and been told to keep a food journal – logging everything you eat? Well here’s an idea: let’s all spend a day journaling everything we consume with our minds. Now THAT, I’ll bet, would be an eye-opener.

It’s interesting to speculate… with food we eat maybe three times a day (five or six if we are eating optimally). But our mental “diet” is constant snacking. We are confronted with “inputs” all day long, almost unceasingly. Imagine the vacuum that would exist if we stopped snacking, so to speak. What the heck would we fill it with? I’m seriously considering this idea now: a mental “food journal” for just a day to see how much junk is really getting in there and therefore how much of a cleanse there is to potentially do.

I am daunted by the thought. Anyone else up for something like this?